Reminders on Overseas Voting for the 2022 Philippine National Elections

The Philippine Consulate General in Toronto wishes to inform the public that the Consulate General has received the ballots for the 2022 Philippine National Elections from COMELEC this week. Overseas voters registered with the Philippine Consulate General may expect to receive their ballots beginning next week.

The Consulate will send election packets via mail to the registered addresses of the voters. For those who have changed their address, please email

The elections packets already contain a prepaid envelope for mailing back the accomplished ballot to the Consulate General. Registered voters may either mail or personally deliver to the Consulate General and insert in the designated drop box their accomplished ballots. Please read carefully and follow the instructions for accomplishing the ballots included in the election packet to ensure your vote will be counted.

Once you accomplished the ballots, please mail or deliver personally to the Consulate General at the soonest possible time. Only accomplished ballots received on or before 7:00 am (EDT/Toronto Time) on 09 May 2022 will be counted.

Only those registered voters will receive the election packets via mail. To check if you are a registered voter under the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto, please click the following link: For information and guidance.

Toronto, 09 April 2022

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